Inspection, Maintenance and Services Team of an Industry are an unique lot. They must always be supported by accurate real time data, follow best practices for operations and must follow paperwork to prevent chaos, yet cannot carry around heavy computing devices or documents.

XR Labs’ IMR solutions empower your onsite teams with Crucial Data, Knowledge Bank of your organisation, Collaboration with other technicians/experts and all this via Head Mounted or Handheld solutions that are customised for use in shop floor / industrial facility.


Democratise Expertise

Automate and enable anyone to follow best practices that were previously known only to the experts, every time and everywhere.

Shorter Machine Downtime

Solve complex machine breakdowns without waiting having to send service technicians in person.

Global Collaboration

Are your clients’ facing a technical problem that isn’t covered in the preloaded library ? Pickup your AR enabled on screen annotation tools to get help from a remote expert effortlessly.


With advanced HMD based AR and VR Devices, Be it the knowledge, or the computing device, Its all in your Head now!