We Are XR Labs

Happy New Year from XR Labs, the team you’ve known until now as MetARVRse.

Following the true spirit of New Year, we are kicking off with a new name and new brand identity.

Starting today, we are XR Labs.

Why XR Labs?

XR Labs, short for ( eXtended Reality ) represents our growth as a company and our plans for the future.  In 2015, the founders set out to build a company committed to Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for the most consequential industrial problems. Since then, Metarvrse has stayed true to its mission of applying the technology in the industrial space. As a result, Metarvrse, an idea has thrived and transformed to be the leading AR VR company in the country.

Throughout its transformation, Metarvrse has honoured and strengthened its commitment to innovation and value creation for its clients. As a client told us, “the combination of vibrancy and authenticity is commendable.” Our team guides and ensures the clients adapt without losing sight of their mission.

At XR Labs, we help organisations transform into the digital age. We help our clients advance their ambitions, succeed in fast evolving digital space. We work hand in hand with industry pioneers to figure out how their ideas can change and grow their businesses.

We love our new name, cause it enables us, the XR Labs team, to continue to adapt and grow as well. And grow we have, from a 5 member team to a team of 20 plus, comprising of designers, developers, 3D artists and engineers. With an extended arm of partners and vendors across the globe, we have successfully completed 50+ projects in 2 years.

Today –

  • We service the biggest organisations with the power to serve the world – We serve some of the Fortune 500 companies such as Siemens, Gamesa, Tata steel, IBM, Daimler and many other industry pioneers.
  • We are the architects for the new spatial design – We add a new dimension through every facet of our work.
  • We help clients understand their data and processes better – We work with clients at their time of digital transformation. Over 75 percent of them partner with us, during the period of innovation and growth in operations and processes.
  • We thank our clients, partners, mentors, colleagues, and our readers for being a part of our journey.

From all of us at XR Labs, we wish you a 2018 full of exciting innovation, pushing boundaries to create a positive change, big or small.

You can learn more about us and our work from www.xrlabs.co


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