Every minute of Downtime can cost your organization in many ways, be it lost revenue or impact on customer satisfaction.

Downtime extension caused by lack of clear instruction manuals or unavailability of experts only worsens the problem.

XR Assist is a solution aimed at truly democratising expertise. Making it available to anyone, anytime.

With instructions that are overlaid directly on the machine and remote expert mode that lets an offshore expert guide the technician effectively using AR Annotations that are anchored to the real world, Assist empowers your onsite technicians to solve problems faster & more effectively.


AR Annotation

Users can draw on the real world objects in the technician’s field of view in a shared video. With an in depth orientation of the object operators and experts can collaborate across platforms.

AR Animation

Equipment controls are animated with gamified 3D content to offer realistic learning and engagement experience for the operators.

Knowledge Bank

Tech­ni­cians get to access a content library with data inputs, photos and videos that incorporates subject knowledge and best practices.


With our integrated back-end data and analytics organizations can improve processes and drive efficiency through reports and actionable insights


Democratise Expertise

Automate and enable anyone to follow best practices that were previously known only to the experts, every time and everywhere.

Shorter Machine Downtime

Solve complex machine breakdowns without waiting having to send service technicians in person.

Global Collaboration

Are your clients' facing a technical problem that isn't covered in the preloaded library ? Pickup your AR enabled on screen annotation tools to get help from a remote expert effortlessly.


With advanced HMD based AR and VR Devices, Be it the knowledge, or the computing device, Its all in your Head now!