Training, the most critical component to developing a skilled workforce. Traditional training method are often time consuming, involve high cost and demand an experienced trainer.

There is also an increased risk for onsite errors due to the limitation of not being able to train your workforce to handle complex scenarios and accidents.

With XR labs’ immersive training solutions, you can overcome challenges of old training methods and step into a realm of infinite possibilities.

By replicating any possible real-life situation, your trainers can improve your operator’s competence and maximize productivity while lowering the cost and risk of Training.




VR control panels are fitted with OEM replicas to enable operator’s familiarity and ease of us. We work closely with your subject matter experts to develop simulators that not only meet industrial standards but also are workplace safety compliant.



New age multimedia tools like gamified 3D and VR content drives user engagement and maximizes knowledge retention. The training contents are specially designed to enhance operators self-learning and professional development.


Learning Management System

Built in test reporting features tracks trainee’s performance and helps build their competency. Scale up operator’s expertise by getting them certified on customized test content.


Cost and time efficient

Reduce cost from having to train operators on real equipment and at actual site location. Offer highly realistic training session that decreases learning time and improves job performance

Get Actionable Data

Advanced Learning Management System helps to track and measure of trainee’s performance from anywhere and anytime

Mitigate Risk and improve safety

Operators can be trained to handle complex scenarios thus improving their confidence and lowering the margin for onsite errors.


With digitalized VR training content, deliver consistent training experience to your workforce of any size and across multiple locations


Gone are those days where simulators meant projecting 3D content over walls. In the age of Head Mounted Display based Simulators you can train your workforce at your convenience

Customize Training

Identify operator’s skill gap with advanced analytics and customize training content to offer targeted training.